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This network fulfills my desire to contribute to you and harness the power of our collective brilliance. Here we can fully engage with each other, connect, resource, engage and grow. This platform embodies the spirit I've always intended by my tagline of Lead | Coach | Inspire and I'm super excited that you are here.

It is our intention that this space be the creative container for rich dialogue to emerge, learning to take place and innovation to be awakened. 

And one conversation at a time, a world at peace to emerge through the brilliance that is each of you. 

My vision is that we'll inspire in each other, creative projects that will change ourselves and our world as we know it.

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Are adorable weirdos, fringe dwellers, dare to be differents, outliers, rebels, innovators and creators of wild and brilliant ideas… Extraordinary people up to cool things in life who are also generous with their knowledge and support. 

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Use your authentic (legal) name, no nicknames, brands or companies please.

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Be kind, generous and respectful of all our members.

Uphold the confidentiality of our members at all times.

Protect and honour our intellectual property with integrity. 

Be the work in action.

About Me

My coaching clients describe me as a “Doctor for the Soul” which touches my heart deeply.  It’s an incredible compliment and in four powerful words, speaks to all of the things I aspire to be as a human and a coach.

Having been on my own healing journey for over 25 years, I’m a cheeky smash up of spirituality meets science and business.  Aside from that... I am a Master Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coach Federation, trained ontologically and trauma informed. 

I have a particular passion for entrepreneurs especially those in multi generational family businesses. 

I've always been a strong advocate for healthy work environments and have coached and trained leaders across the private and public sector on a variety of topics including leading with heart, emotional intelligence, resolving workplace conflict and many others.  I've written and developed several leadership programs using a blended coaching and training model including The Bomb Proof Executive, Creative Conflict, Leader As Coach and many more that you'll encounter inside The Cairn Network.

I am audacious, playful, intuitive and full of love. 

Ontological Wizard, Adorable Weirdo, Creative,Thought Leader, Writer, Voracious Reader and Researcher.

I live life large and invite you to do the same!

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